Two Things That Top Producers Do That You Can Apply To Your Business And Get Instant Results

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re building a network marketing business and you’re looking for tips to help you accelerate your success. Over the last 13 years that I’ve been in the industry, I’ve studied and watched many top producers and I’ve noticed some very similar techniques that they all use to build their businesses. I’ve also noticed that many people who fail in this industry don’t do what top producers do. In fact, they actually do the opposite of what successful people do. If you’re serious about experiencing success in your business, I want to encourage you to really apply these things in your business immediately.

Here’s a basic rundown on two things that most network marketers do in their business that cause them to fail, and what top producers actually do:

First, most network marketers spend way too much time trying to convince people to join their business and buy their products. They have the unrealistic expectation that everyone they talk to should join their business. Even worse, they take it personal when people don’t join their business and they let rejection destroy their excitement and attitude. This is not what the top producers do.

Top producers understand that being successful is all about working the Law Of Large Numbers. They know that everyone will not join and they’re perfectly fine with that. In fact, because they know that the majority of people will not join, they accept that their only job is to sort through prospects to find interested people. They have no interest in convincing someone to join who is not interested in joining.

Keep in mind, professionals sort and amateurs convince. Simply become a professional sorter and you’ll start experiencing success in your business.

The second thing that most network marketers do is they try to explain everything to their prospects themselves. They feel that they have to explain everything and have to personally be involved with each step of the exposure process. By doing this, they become the lid in their whole business and actually decrease the potential to explode in their business. Top producers don’t do this at all.

Top producers understand the importance of tools. By definition, a tool is anything except you. For example, a tool can a website, lead capture page, online presentation, conference call, sizzle call, 3-way call or a DVD. By using tools, they remove the lid in their business because their business doesn’t require them to do every little thing. New people in their business can use the very same tools to expose their prospects that they use. Using tools is extremely duplicatable, and when duplication occurs, the potential for exponential growth increases a hundred fold.

In closing, if you can apply these two concepts to your business, you will start to experience success in your business. By understand the concept of exposures and the application of tools, you will be ahead of 95% of other network marketers and increase your chances of success significantly. By understanding these concepts, working effectively offline and using an effective Attraction Marketing system to brand yourself and generate leads online, there’s no telling how successful you can become in your business.